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• Stump removal

• Tree felling

• Dead wooding

• Pollarding

• Re-balancing

• Shaping

• Crown reductions

• Crown thinning

• Section felling (tree dismantling)

Trees are complex biological structures that require a thorough understanding and careful management.

At Ashdown we have a genuine care for, and understanding of trees, which makes us the perfect company to care for, reduce and remove your trees. Call us today for a FREE quote.

Trees can be beautiful and magnificent features to have in a garden. They take years to establish but can sometimes pose a danger or grow in awkward places. Ashdown Tree Management can reduce or remove any of these trees causing a problem.


and reshapes

in Oxfordshire

We have a thorough understanding of trees

For an experienced tree specialist to visit you in Oxfordshire, call:

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Reduction and reshape services:

Over the years, trees can often grow in a complicated and awkward way that can cause disruption to your garden or even become dangerous.

It can be extra worrying if we have children or grandchildren who regularly play outside near these trees.

Ashdown Tree Management can remove all trees that pose a danger.

Removal of dangerous trees